Thinking of buying property in Limassol?

If so, chances are you have already realized that Limassol is a destination that appeals to both individual buyers and investors alike. We endorse Limassol as the cultural and commercial capital of Cyprus, located on the seaside and buzzing with activity all year round. Every other major town on the island is only an hour’s drive away.

Individuals are drawn to the quality of life our town offers. They are usually seeking a home on the island for either regular visits or permanent residence.

Investors, on the other hand, are persuaded by promising returns on their investments.

Why Pavlos Theocharous Property Developers?

Anyone who has looked into the possibility of buying property in Cyprus has probably discovered that there are innumerable developers on the island. And yet, P Theoharous Developers will help both individuals and investors fulfil their ambitions. How?

P. Theoharous Properties offers you… 10 out of 10
Enviable Reputation

Buying from P. Theocharous Developers is never a gamble – and we have a track record to prove it. With 20 years of experience in the field, we can demonstrate exactly what makes us an established and reputable developer in Cyprus.

Ideal Locations

Some parts of Limassol are better suited for higher quality living than others, as evident in property prices in certain areas tend to rise faster. Each location we choose is selected in view of enhancing both your living quality and your investment value alike.

Quality Construction

The level of construction quality is linked to construction standards and practice. As a rule, we routinely employ the latest techniques in the industry. Fittings and fixtures are supplied strictly by internationally renowned manufacturers.

Attention to Detail

Often, customers only see a large-scale map of the project. At P. Theocharous, we seek customer satisfaction and enjoyment to its highest potential. That is why we always commission detailed small-scale plans of every property, so that you can tailor your home to your personal preferences.

Tailored Environment

As a prospective homeowner, you are on the verge of making a serious decision. You have valid questions and concerns. We’re here to listen to you and offer reassurance by answering your questions honestly and precisely, and by keeping you informed throughout all project processes and building stages.

Customer Appeal

Our reputation was not only built on the quality of deployed construction methods, but equally on the foundations of our customer service. This includes offering advice and assistance in every way, from helping you arrange mortgage facilities up to choosing white and brown goods.

Aesthetic Properties

Living in a house means looking at it, every day. Employing skilled and talented architects and designers; we aim for properties that blend in with the natural landscape, while satisfying your sense of aesthetics, both inside and outside your home.

Competitive Pricing

With so many advantages, you might expect to pay a premium price for our properties. And yet, shop around, and you will discover that our projects are often priced at the same level or even lower than inferior properties within the same range.

Prompt Delivery

Thanks to realistic and conscientious planning combined with professional project management, our projects are completed and delivered on time, if not ahead of schedule – something which is considered the exception rather than the rule in this industry.

After Sales Service

Last but not least, you can count on our after sales service to offer complete customer satisfaction. This could even include helping you secure guaranteed rental income and looking after your tenants if you intend to buy-to-let.

We add value to YOUR properties.

We have office affiliates in the United Kingdom, Greece and Russia.

To find out more, there’s nothing like personal contact, or better still, a face-to-face no-obligation consultation.

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